Six Cherry Blossoms

Alicia Appleman-Jurman, bestselling author of “Alicia: My Story” presents a collection of stories that answer two of the questions readers ask her most frequently after reading her book: “How old should you be to read this book?” and “What happened next?”

“Six Cherry Blossoms” is a tale of survival written for children, presented in larger type for children and parents to share.

“Cyprus” is the story of Alicia‚Äôs time in a British concentration camp in Cyprus – it is the immediate sequel to “Alicia: My Story”

“I Love Israel” tells of her first day in school at Mikveh Israel, an agricultural school near Tel-Aviv.

“Childhood Memories” recalls her life before the war. It is a prequel to “Alicia: My Story”

Fans of “Alicia: My Story”, and new readers alike, will find in these stories inspiration, and a greater understanding of life before, and immediately after the Holocaust.