Alicia Live – A Presentation by Alicia Appleman-Jurman

People sometimes wonder how I can stand and speak for 65 minutes about my struggle to survive the tragedy of my family, friends and my people. My answer to them is: “How can I remain silent?”
I swore on my brother Zachary’s grave that if I lived, I would bear witness. My mother, while dying in my arms after being shot by an SS murderer, begged me to live and bear witness. A pledge to keep.
Yet my story reaches further than the tragedy of the Holocaust. You will hear about brave children, teenagers and adults, and of their love, dignity, commitment and sacrifice. You’ll learn of their belief in God when facing death. And what gave those who survived the strength to rebuild and fight for their lives all over again.
After you finish listening to my story, I hope you will realize that you too possess strength within yourself to use in time of need.
Thank you and God Bless