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ISBN: 978-1-936754-01-4
100 pages 5.25x8 softcover
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Includes the children's story "Six Cherry Blossoms" along with stories that take place both before and after the events in "Alicia:My Story".

Alicia My Story

The amazing story of survival of a young girl during the Holocaust.


Photo of Alicia Appleman-JurmanWelcome to my web site.

I am Alicia Appleman, also known as Alicia Appleman-Jurman. I am the author of “Alicia, My Story” and “Six Cherry Blossoms”. I am representing over one million Jewish people who were killed outside of concentration camps.

My daughter Roan and son Dan built this web site – threatening to carry me screaming into the 21st century – Ha!

I am smiling and happy to have the privilege to open my mind and heart to you. I wish to take this opportunity to thank my wonderful readers who discussed my story on their web sites, getting me in touch with people in many countries. My dear readers who are posting thier 5-star reviews on have my deepest gratitude. People who traveled long distances from the USA and Canada to visit me at home and ask questions. Teachers and students who wrote plays, composed, and played music to honor the adults and children in my story.

I speak on the telephone and answer letters for readers from all over the world. Several days ago my telephone rang at 3:00am. A lady from India was crying. She just finished reading “Alicia, My Story”. She needed to hear my voice. I cried with her.

My story is not only about tragedy.

The story is read by students start from fifth grade to university students. The students learn the importance of courage, dignity, love, sacrifice and self-worth from the children who lived and died during the Holocaust. During my presentations in classrooms and now in telephone communication I have learned how wonderful our young gnerations are. They are intelligent, sensitive and they want to know and learn about this tragic page in history. They tell me they will always remember an dhonor the children who never had their tomorrows.

We reach out to each other with love and trust. I want my readers to know that they too posses strength within themselves to use in time of need.

You are welcome to call or write to me.

The word Shalom means goodbye with a big hello in it.

God Bless